The Linden Coffee Story


We are a dairy farmer and photographer who fell in love and started a family. We’re passionate about good coffee and, more importantly, how coffee brings us together in community.

After living and working across various states, we’ve finally and joyfully, put down roots here in Lancaster County (Courtney’s hometown).

At Linden Coffee, we want to emulate an experience that we have grown to value above all else – the feeling of coming home.

Lancaster is a special place that has given us both so much, and now it fills us with warmth to give back to it.

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Why We Exist

We exist to spread joy and kindness in all we do so that every person we interact with feels honored and delighted.

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Statement of Faith

Our love for people grows out of our devotion to Jesus. Everything we do centers on sharing our hope.

The Linden Coffee Culture

An engaging, personal experience elevates our service.

We look for ways to surprise and delight our customers through authentic, intentional interactions. We create a memorable experience that feels special each and every time.

A commitment to excellence, efficiency, and execution drive quality.

We know that operating at the highest level honors customers and brings pride to employees. Close attention to detail ensures that our products and services exceed expectations.

Warmth, kindness, and cheer express our care and let others know how much they are valued.

We believe in always showing up with a smile. Courtesy and friendliness show we care and spread joy.

Strong community connections expand our reach and enable us to support and influence others.

We want to support our local economy and community by using our resources to make a positive difference. Forming and nurturing relationships lies at the heart of who we are.

A focus on the good things of life reminds us of what really matters.

We love the feeling of coming home – getting back to a place where you can take a deep breath, appreciate the simple things, and enjoy the hospitality of welcoming faces.


Serving Coffee Lovers in Lancaster County

We are located near you, just off a street that is connected to other streets. We serve locally-roasted coffees, lattes, natural energy drinks, and teas (hot & cold) served with a smile from our convenient and fast drive-thru window.

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