Coffee & Espresso Drinks

Hand-roasted by Nostalgica Coffee

Linden Blend (medium roast)

Linden Blend is a well-balanced medium-roast coffee that has a smooth and full body, nice sweetness, with notes caramel, hazelnut, cherry and black tea

Colombia Mustafa Decaf

This amazing decaf coffee produced by Ana Mustafa on her farm in La Celia, Colombia has notes of ripe citrus and creamy caramel sweetness. The coffee is decaffeinated using the EA Sugarcane process, making sure it still retains a lot of the beautiful, sweet notes

Signature Espresso Drinks

Brighten your day with one of our signature lattes or smoothies! We’ve hand crafted a variety of flavor combinations that are sure to delight all latte lovers! For the espresso fanatics, you’ll love the Nostalgica Coffee Espresso. Caramel, hazelnut and cherry notes shine through milk in lattes and cappuccinos because of their calculated complexity

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Hot & Iced Tea

Traditional hot teas, cold tea drinks, and flavored teas from Humankind

Hot Teas

Warm up with our variety of hot teas from Pureblend in Ephrata! Some flavors include English Breakfast, Earl Grey Symphony, Cinnamon Vanilla, Green Tea Hibiscus, Mediterranean Mint and Ginger Lemon Honey. We also offer superior grade matcha tea and chai tea lattes!

Cold Teas

If you’re looking for something cooler and refreshing, we offer regular sweetened and unsweetened iced tea as well as delicious, flavored cold teas from Humankind.

Flavors include Peach and Jasmine Lime Green Tea.

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Lotus Energy Drinks

A natural energy boost drink packed with plant-derived ingredients

Get energized! Lotus Energy is a natural, plant-based energy drink that derives its ingredients from coffee fruit, lotus flower extract, schisandra berry extract, super fruits, rhodiola rosea extract, and natural caffeine from the green coffee bean.

Mix with your favorite flavored syrups or try our skinny versions!

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For the Kiddos

Let them in on the fun!

For the little ones of the family, be sure to grab a locally-sourced Maplehofe chocolate milk or Humankind apple juice! And don’t forget a lollipop!

apple juice

Baked Treats

Baked locally by Bird-in-Hand Baked Goods!

We are thrilled to offer fresh local baked goods! Pair your favorite latte with a delicious muffin, streusel, or if you are in the mood for something sweeter, try a Lancaster County favorite, our woopie pies!

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